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100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus – PaxForex

Bonus Link : 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus
Bonus link : $7 No Deposit bonus

Available to : All  Clients .

End Date : Until December 31, 2018

Bonus : 100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus from PaxForex .

How to get :
1. Register an account, If you don’t have one already.
2. Get 100% Bonus on each $1200 or More Deposit

Withdrawal : No, bonus is for trading purposes only.

More Info – 
1.  General terms and conditions apply.
2.  The Bonus will not block your account from withdrawing, and you will get the full amount of bonus on monthly basis for 12 months.
*To withdraw the Forex Deposit Bonus from your Forex trading account you need to make transactions (number of lots) during first two month after deposit in the amount of:
{bonus sum} /5 = {number of lots}
The FOREX Deposit Bonus example:
You receive $100 forex bonus. To withdraw the received forex deposit bonus, you need to make a transaction $100 / 5 = 20.00 lots (only closed deals are taken into account) during two months after deposit.

100% Loyalty Deposit Bonus is subject to Terms and Conditions


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