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FXCC provide new and existing real clients various promotional offerings. 100% First Deposit Bonus Start trading and receive up to $2,000. FXCC strives to provide new and existing real clients various promotional offerings.

Bonus Link :  FXCC 100% First Deposit Bonus

Available to : New and Existing Clients.

Ending Date : Until December 31, 2023.

How To Get :
1. Register an account, If you don’t have one already.
2. Pass the verification.
3. Make the minimum required deposit .
4. Submitting a request by email at support@fxcc.net.

Withdrawal : Yes, after a deposit is made and trading conditions have been met.

Terms and Conditions

The maximum amount of First Deposit Bonus credited by FXCC to any particular Eligible Client at any time cannot exceed $2,000 US.

Bonus shall be added to the Eligible Client’s ECN XL trading account as credit, The Bonus is intended for trading purposes only and it cannot be lost.

Withdrawal from Eligible Client’s Wallet, will make the Bonus is being automatically cancelled and removed in the same proportion to the withdrawn amount.

General terms and conditions apply.

Disclaimer: The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose.


  1. Now I am studying trading based on materials and webinars . Myself I do not trade with real money, my account is virtual. I do not hesitate to write a review about the company here. When I registered on the website I didn’t experience any pressure about funding the account immediately, which this is a big plus for the company. I listened to some educational materials in the car, I understood the “mechanics” of Forex forecasting, Fibonacci levels and other things on the analytical portal, I listened to webinars, they are clearer.I’m really hoping to start earnign more with FXCC soon.

  2. It was very interesting to try Forex. That’s why I opened a demo account with FXCC. I liked the possibility of trading with virtual money. I realized that it was a great way to learn to make money because I learned how the indicators worked. I realized that if I analyzed correctly, I could make good money. After three weeks of demo trading I opened a real account with FXCC broker. It was easy. I just had to pass the verification procedure to fund the account.
    As for trading, at first it was hard to trade with real money. But I was able to control my emotions.

    • I believe that controlling emotions is the most important thing in trading. An FXCC broker will provide a trading platform, assets, analytics and low spreads, but your mind and discipline depend on you.

  3. I’m currently testing your company on a demo account. As of now I like what I see on the platform. I appreciate scalping with your spreads. I have one question. Do you have any charges I don’t see on the platform?

    • No, FXCC does not have any hidden charges. Trading commissions are completely absent, so the only fee you pay is the spread when you open a trade. By the way, if you like scalping, you may find several additional advantages of the broker’s conditions. FXCC does not force you to hold positions for a certain period, and there’s no requirement for the minimum distance for the stop-loss or take-profit order from the entry price. This is good for scalping as you can take 1 or 2 pips of the profit in a couple of seconds after you open a trade.

  4. I like the fact that FXCC broker allows you to trade scalping and hedge risks. I have been trading forex for a long time and I know that not all brokers allow this.

    • It’s great that FXCC broker allows scalping. I have been doing business with them for a long time and the company is really good, no one else offers such good conditions. I like the spread first of all because it allows me to make profit while scalping. I am also a scalper with experience. I’ve tried working on the long and short term, but nowhere have I been as successful as scalping. Although the risks of this method of trading are large, but if you are smart, then the profit will also be large.

  5. I started to scalp here and as of now I can say that I like what I see here. Good tight spreads and no fees – that’s what any scalper needs. Besides this, I successfully tested withdrawals. I made several ones and received all the requested amounts. So, I’m going to continue trading with the broker.

  6. I mostly trade on the news, I don’t want to discuss with anyone how profitable this strategy is – everyone has different opinions, I’m not going to argue. But my point is that even in a very volatile market FXCC is more or less a good trade. It took me a couple of weeks to get used to it so I wouldn’t get into requotes all the time, but once I got used to it, things went well. I can see when the market begins to correct, i.e. the price begins to fall sharply at first and then begins to move upwards. Then I look from this point where I will enter and where I will exit.

  7. It was very interesting for me to start trading. It was unknown to me and incomprehensible, but people said that such work brings very good money. For me, a chance to rise to a higher level and get a new specialty. I made a decision and started looking for a Forex broker in Australia. It was a hard search because not everything I found I liked. I got basic knowledge and understood what I was looking for.
    Once I read the FXCC reviews and realized that this is what I was looking for. Everything was simple here and there were good trading conditions. For example, low spreads. I decided to trade within the day. When I studied trading I found out that it is very profitable. For me, FXCC is a good broker because there is no spread or commission. This will save my money.
    In order to make money, I studied the trading software Metatrader 4. I was glad to know that the broker offers to use virtual money for study. Therefore, I created my own trading strategy and did not spend my money for it.
    The peculiarity of the FXCC broker for Australia is that the broker offers a leverage of 1: 500. This is very rare, so I appreciate the opportunity to trade with a lot of volume.

  8. I don’t know, I personally like FXCC, I like to trade here, use their platform, withdraw money I make here. It has all the conditions for good trading. A good and reliable broker.

  9. I would like to post my FXCC review here.
    First things first, and I would like to explain the reasons why I joined this broker for online trading.
    i) High leverage allows me to trade with a flexible approach, apply more aggressive steps when I see lucrative market conditions, and build a portfolio of assets with a wide scope. Not so many reputable brokers can offer a leverage of 500:1 even for gold and oil CFDs, besides currency pairs in the foreign exchange market.
    ii) Zero commissions and tight floating swaps. I forgot about such a concern to enter the market because of a trading commission that I need to pay to a broker for opening and closing a position. When the market is calm, I can use high-frequency trading methods, apply trading bots or expert advisors.
    iii) Scalping is welcome here because the broker does not forbid hedging, allows closing trades within seconds after opening, and does not force me to set a stop-loss order with a predetermined distance from the entry price.
    iiii) No withdrawal issues. The practise shows that funds arrive at my bank account in time..

  10. To be honest, I’m really glad we have such a broker in Canada with such great conditions. I work here with my favorite program Metatrader 4 and I like the trading conditions offered by the broker. For example the fact that there is only one trading account and the spreads are very low.
    By the way, if you look at withdrawal, I have never met a broker who withdraws money so quickly and easily. The money comes within the same day, sometimes almost instantly. I really like forex trading with this broker, so I would really like to try stock trading here. Can someone tell me why this option is not provided here?

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