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Win $100 Free In Just One Hour – Ayrex


Bonus Link – Win $100 Free In Just One Hour from AYREX

Available to : All AYREX Account Holders.

End Date : Until December 31, 2019 .

Contest : Win $100 in just one hour. No deposit required from AYREX .

How To Get :
1. Sign Up .
*It only takes a few minutes. All you need is to personalize your contest profile.
2. Wait for the Contest round to start .
*You will be alerted about the Contest start 15 minutes in advance.You will be ushered into the contest automatically.
3. Trade to Win .
*Pick a strategy and get ahead of your competitors for a chance to win a $100 dollars in 1 hour!

Prizes and Awarding Rules :

  • 8 (eight) participants with the largest balance amounts by the end of the contest will be awarded prizes.
  • Only participants with account balances greater than the initial deposit can qualify as winners.
  • In case one of the winners is disqualified, a contestant with the next best result takes the place of the disqualified participant.
  • The prize amounts are transferred to real accounts of the winners and can be withdrawn without any limitations at any point in time. However, in order to be able to withdraw the prize funds the contestant’s account needs to be verified. AYREX holds the right to disqualify a participant whose account is not verified within 2 (two) weeks after the completion of the corresponding round.

-The total prize fund is 300 USD and is to be divided among the 8 (eight) winners according to the following ranking:

  • 1st place – 100 USD
  • 2nd place – 75 USD
  • 3rd place – 50 USD
  • 4th place – 25 USD
  • 5th place – 20 USD
  • 6th place – 15 USD
  • 7th place – 10 USD
  • 8th place – 5 USD

Withdraw : All Prize are real cash, fully withdrawable .

More Info –
1. Starting account balance for each participant is 1 000 USD.
2. Maximum trade amount of simultaneously open positions is 500 USD.
3. Maximum trade amount of a single open position is 500 USD.
4. Only persons aged 18 or over are eligible to apply for a registration in the Contest.
5. Please ask their support for more information .

Please follow this link for more details about the rules : Terms and Conditions

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