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Up to $15 Per lot Rebates – FXTM Partners


Join Link – Up to $15 Per lot Rebates

How To Join :
1. Apply Online – Start by filling our affiliate application form.
2. Place Ads – Head over to the Tools section and get your banners, links and widgets.
3. Get Paid –Earn from your clients trading based on your CPA Level + Dynamic Rebates.

The Most Comprehensive Affiliate Hybrid Plan –

  • High CPA – There are three Affiliate Levels, each designated by the number of active traders and traded lots achieved within the 30-day Qualifying period. When the right numbers are reached, you get upgraded.
  • Continuous Weekly Rebates – Once your client’s 30-day qualifying period is over, you are automatically entered into the FXTM Partners’ Dynamic Rebate Scheme. You start earning weekly dynamic rebates while your clients keep trading. As long as they keep trading, you keep earning.
  • Lifetime Rebates On All Actively Trading Clients – Unlike other affiliate programs, you get paid for active clients even if they don’t meet CPA qualifications. As long as they trade, we will pay you in rebates (fixed rate $/lot)* according to the trading volume they achieve.
  • Payable rebates are defined according to the account type. For more information please refer to the T&Cs.

About the Affiliate Partner Program –
Continuous Payments, Competitive Rates and Powerful Incentives.
FXTM Partners’ revamped Affiliate Program puts our partners in the driving seat!

The First 30 Days :
-More Qualified Active Traders = Higher CPA Level.
3 Levels for Flat CPA: $50, $100, $250.
-Simple Qualification Requirement: Minimum Deposit $500 + Required Lots Traded*
-Non-Qualified Traders: Earn rebates of fixed $4 / Lot Traded*

After the 30 Days :
Automatically Earn Weekly Dynamic Rebates from all your Active Traders.

Contact FXTM Partners : 
Email –info@fxtmpartners.com



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