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Trader Rewards In Chinese – AFMarkets

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In order to thank Chinese customers for their support of AF Markets, we are now launching a “group trading, easier” activity for new AF Markets customers .Each customer is only eligible to participate in this activity once. The registration process is required in advance, and you can participate in this activity after registration.

Bonus Link – AFMarkets Trader Rewards In Chinese

Available to : New and Existing Clients.

Promotion Date : This Offer is Expired Now.

How To Get  Prizes : 
1. Contact your account manager to sign up.
2. After successful registration, complete the corresponding lot and deposit amount in the above table.
3. Review your qualifications.
4. Mail the gift to your hands.

President 3.0T 350HT0T
$250,000/ $200,0001,200/1,80085” Toshiba TV / the Huawei Mate X 5G
$150,000/ $180,0001,500/1,000MacBook Pro 13.3 / the Alienware m15 15.6
$50,000/$80,000350/300Dyson HD03 China Red edition
OR The Cobos DL33 Max robot
$20,000/$25,000200/150Kindle 4 32GB
$10,000/$15,000100/80800 CNY Gift card
$5,000/$8,00050/40500 CNY Gift card
$3,000/$5,00030/25300 CNY Gift card
$1,000/$2,00010/7100 CNY Gift card

Terms and Conditions

7-9 gift agents can choose to be helped by your customers

During the event period, within 6 months from the date of successful registration, complete the new deposit and the corresponding transaction lot, you can get the corresponding prize;

This event is open to new customers and is limited to new MT4 trading accounts.

Each MT4 trading account and IB agent account can only participate in this activity once.

The first deposit is limited to the first deposit in the new account after successful registration, and the remaining deposits can be accumulated. Internal MT4 trading account transfers are not included in the accounts under the same name as the activities provided for in the calculation of the amount of gold;

customers receive only the appropriate gift application by mail, gifts can not be determined after changes; gift if customers apply for the corresponding transactions completed Withdrawing money beforehand is considered as giving up the right to participate in the event; ⑧ After the eligibility for redemption of the gift is approved, the electronic gift volume will be sent to your hand by the client manager within 1 month after the event; The customer manager collects the express information (due to the high value of the gift, please provide the detailed delivery address, refuse the collection address), the corresponding gift will be issued within one month after the end of the event review.

The MT4 trading account used by customers in this event cannot participate in other activities of AFMarkets at the same time.

Malicious brushing will cancel the eligibility to participate in this activity.

Disclaimer: The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose.

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