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Make a Video and Win $200 – Grand Capital


Grand Capital draws prizes for a short video piece about trading with Grand Capital. Just record a podcast on why you chose Grand Capital for trading in forex or about your most successful trade. Every participant of the contest is guaranteed to be awarded with a prize!

Bonus Link – Grand Capital  Record a Short Video and Win $200

In order to take part in the contest just follow three simple steps:

Subscribe the Instagram account @grandcapital_official

Record a short video telling why you chose Grand Capital, about your successful trade, or your favorite instrument.

Post it till the 24th of July in your Instagram, account (it should be open) with tag @grandcapital_official or send the file to pr@grandcapital.net.

All the videos will be placed on Grand Capital official Instagram account. One who gathers more likes will win. The draw results will be announced on 27th of July. All participants who met the contest’s conditions will get a $50 bonus to their deposits. And a winner will receive $200, which can be freely withdrawn at any time!

The participants pass сopyrights to their video to Grand Capital. The company can use video at its will inter alia for advertising purposes.

Requirements for the video: 

  • Video can be both in English or Russian languages.
  • The running time of the video is between 10 seconds and 1 minute.
  • Video format: mp4; aspect ratio: 1:1.
  • Make sure your video is of high quality, a participant’s speech should be clear and distinct.
  • The video should not contain scenes of violence, profanity, offensive information, as well as information that is contrary to moral and generally accepted values.

How to use prize funds : 

Participants will get a bonus of $50 to their Standard accounts open in Grand Capital within two weeks after the contest is complete.

Prize funds for participants at the rate of $50 can not be withdrawn.

Participants can withdraw profit received using a $50 bonus.

Request for withdrawal of earned with prize funds must be 50% and more of the credited bonus.

Participants can freely deposit the account with the prize funds.

The period of the bonus validity is one month. After the first withdrawal, the bonus is written off.

After the expiration of the period prize funds will be annulled.

Partnership rewards can not be credited for the price funds.

A winner can freely withdraw the main prize – $200.

Make video, make money!



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