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May the market continues non-stop, the transaction is profitable, open an account and send $ 50000, Log in to the user center to apply and receive bonuses within a limited time.

Bonus Link – BIB FX New Client Bonus Up to $1,000

Available to : New Clients.

End Date : This Offer is Expired Now.

How To Get :
1. Open a Live Account with BIB FX.
2. Pass the verification.
3. Make the minimum required deposit .
4. Request the bonus.

MT5 balance and applicable bonus comparison table:

MT5 balance (USD) First bonus First lot To receive transaction bonus Trading bonus rebate
200 50 5 150 5 USD / lot
2,000 500 40 1,500
10,000 500 40 9,500
50,000 1,000 80 49,000

After  successfully applying for the bonus, the first bonus will be added to the customer’s MT5 account within 2 hours , which can be directly used for trading.

Withdrawal :  Complete the first lot requirement, and the first bonus will be converted to a withdrawable state. If you continue to trade without withdrawing money, customers will receive a rebate at $ 5 per lot for transactions within the validity period of the bonus, until you receive all the transaction bonus.

If the first lot has been completed, no matter withdrawing or continuing to receive transaction bonus, it will not affect the first bonus received.

Customers who complete the required lot within the event registration time can apply for the bonus again with the MT5 account balance. The validity period of the bonus is based on the validity period of the bonus applied for the first time.

Terms and Conditions

The trading order that closes the position within the validity period of the bonus can be regarded as the effective lot.

For the first bonus, if the withdrawal is made before the required amount is reached, the bonus will be deducted (without special notice when deducting), and the event will be terminated at the same time, and the transaction bonus to be collected will be cancelled.

If the customer withdraws the money after completing the first bonus lot requirement, it will be deemed as giving up the transaction bonus to be collected.

At the end of the bonus validity period, if the customer still fails to complete the specified number of transactions, the first bonus will be deducted from the customer account; if the customer account balance is negative, the result will be borne by Zhubo Huangyu; the customer should bear Account transaction risk, to ensure that the account available margin is still sufficient in the absence of bonuses.

Each trading account can only participate in a new customer account opening bonus event.

Disclaimer: The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose.

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