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Fx Training Seminar in Dhaka – SuperForex


Link – Forex Training Seminar in Dhaka

Date : Until February 24 from 9 am till 2 PM .

Address : House 19, Road 07, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh .

  • The seminar will provide you with an opportunity to learn why Forex is the largest liquid market in the world. The event is suitable for traders of all levels of proficiency, since it would start with some of the basics of Forex, followed by a dive into analysis, indicators, decision-making processes, risk management, and trading strategies.

This event is going to be very helpful for traders, as we would cover topics that will help you become more profitable in the long term. Our notable speaker M. A. Haque has been active in the FX world for ten years and had over five years of experience as a Forex partner. He is also well-known in the Dhaka Forex community where he provides training services. During our seminar he would discuss:

    • Working on the real market: what is it like to be trading with real money and how can you make the most of it?
    • The MT4 trading terminal: tips for operating the world’s most popular trading platform;
    • Avoiding beginners’ mistakes .

As usual, we would have many prizes waiting for you at the event. We have three certificates for a total value of $100, as well as SuperForex T-shirts.

This event is open for everyone. Register now, since the number of seats is limited.

We hope to see you there!

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