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“FireBonus” In Russian – StreamForex


StreamForex “FireBonus” promotion – Insurance – Commission 0%” The deadline for the action is April 1 to April 11, 2021. All clients of the company participate in the action. The main bonus is credited to the credit trading account and is initially unavailable for withdrawal.

Bonus Link – StreamForex “FireBonus” In Russian 

Available to : New and Existing Clients.

Ending Date : Until April 11, 2021.

How To Get :
1. Register an account, If you don’t have one already.
2. Pass the verification.
3. Make the minimum required deposit .
4. Request the bonus.

The bonus is made up of three parts :

  • The main bonus is 
    – 60% for each top-up of an account worth $50 to $99.99
    – 80% for each top-up of an account worth $100 to $199.99
    – 100% at each top-up account of $200 or higher
  • Additional bonus “Insurance” is provided in the amount of 
    – 25% for each top-up of an account between USD 50 and $99.99
    – 30% at each top-up account between USD 100 and $199.99
    – 35% at each top-up account of $200 and above
  • Commission
    – Replenishment of the trading account within the stock is with the return of the commission fee to the trading account.

Withdrawal :  In the case of withdrawals during the promotion period, the bonus is awarded to the difference between the amount of withdrawal and replenishment.

In the case of withdrawals, insurance is charged on the difference between the amount of replenishment and withdrawal over the last 30 days.

Terms and Conditions

The bonus does not apply to Safe and Cent accounts.

The supplementary bonus “Insurance” is valid for 90 days after its activation;

The supplementary “Insurance” bonus can be activated within 100 days of the top-up;

Minimum top-up amount is $50. The bonus is automatically awarded. In the case of fractional payments, less than the minimum amount of replenishment, bonuses are not accrued.

Recharge is not considered to be transfer of funds from account to account and from safe to account.

The Company reserves the right to change the terms and terms of the action.

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