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All Interstellar FX trading account deposits can enjoy up to 33% bonus. And this bonus can not only be used to resist risks, but also can be cashed out after meeting the corresponding transaction volume requirements.

Bonus Link – InterstellarFX Enjoy Up to 33% Bonus

Available to : All clients. 

End Date : This Offer is Expired Now.

How To Get :
1. Register an account, If you don’t have one already.
2. Pass the verification.
3. Make the minimum required deposit.
4. Request the bonus.

Withdrawal : Yes, after a deposit is made and trading conditions have been met.

Terms and Conditions

Trading accounts with a deposit of $300 and above that have been deposited for the first time on the same day (the account with the same name will not participate) will have the opportunity to receive the corresponding bonus. The bonus will first be in the form of credit and injected into the eligible account within two working days.

Withdrawal or transfer during the event, the bonus will be deducted.

After the trading account reaches the corresponding transaction volume requirement, the bonus in the form of credit in the account can be converted into cash, and gold can be withdrawn freely.

The trading accounts participating in this activity can apply in advance to convert the bonus amount of the actual trading volume into cash at any time, and at the same time voluntarily give up the remaining credit.

If the transaction volume requirement relative to the deposit level is not met during the event period, the settlement will be based on the actual bonus level achieved, and the remaining bonus credits will be withdrawn.

A single position holding time ≥ 1 minute is regarded as a valid order. The calculation of trading volume is limited to foreign exchange, precious metals and energy products, and index varieties are not involved.

If malicious hedging, arbitrage, and other improper ways to abuse or manipulate trading are found, Interstellar FX has the right to cancel the activity qualifications and corresponding rewards of the relevant trading account.

The trading account participating in this event shall not simultaneously participate in other welfare activities provided by Intersetllar FX.

Disclaimer: The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose.

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