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Deposit Bonus (In Chinese) – FXCG


Bonus Link – Deposit Bonus (In Chinese)

Available to : All Clients .

End Date : Until August 31, 2018.

Bonus : 20% bonus on deposits, up to $3,000 USD bonus.

How To Get :
1. Register a account .
2. Pass the verification.
3. Make a deposit of no less than $1,000.
4. Request the bonus.

Withdraw : Yes, after a deposit is made and trading conditions have been met.

Terms and conditions of activity : 
1. Bonus customers need to apply for a bonus through online customer service or emailing@fxcg.com.
2, the content of the mail: name + account + deposit amount + apply for a bonus. (The deposit amount is limited to the deposit within the activity period), and the application for the bonus is handled according to the proportion of the list bonus.
3. Calculation of the number of bonus trades: The new account is calculated from the account opening date; the old customer pays the bonus to your account and begins to calculate the number of trades, which is completed within 60 natural days from the effective date.
4. The trading of 100,000 units is a one-hand transaction. For foreign exchange only, gold is included in the lottery.
5, the customer can apply for withdrawal at any time, the bonus part of the completion of 100% of the transaction volume, the withdrawal of the principal together with all the bonus; completion of 50% can get 50% of the bonus; the number of transactions is less than 50%, the bonus will be deducted in full.
6. If the customer conducts a fraudulent transaction through various misconducts (hedging/high-frequency/multi-IP multi-account operation), the bonus will be revoked.
7. Kaishi reserves the right to modify, change or cancel the terms and conditions related to the bonus deposit without sending you an email notification.
8. The bonus offer cannot be shared with other Kaishi preferential policies.The final interpretation of this event is owned by Capstone Kaishi. For details of the event, please contact Capstone Kaishi official website.

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