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Another 100% On Top of Your Deposit – Alpari


Once again, you can now double your money by making deposits to the return of our “Another 100% on top of your deposit” special offer!

Offer Expired

Bonus Link : 100% Deposit Bonus 

Available to : New and Existing Clients.

End Date : December 15, 2017.

How to Get:
1.Open a (standard.mt4) Account .
2.Make a deposit of no less than $100 USD.
3.Get The Bonus .

Withdraw: Yes , To withdraw funds after having transferred them to activate the offer, the client must complete trading operations with currency pairs and / or spot metals of a certain amount within 30 days of the date the initial deposit has been added to the standard.mt4 account. For each full lot traded, 5 USD (or equivalent in EUR / GLD at the time of transfer) of the bonus funds will be transferred. The amount of trading operations needed to withdraw these funds is calculated by the following formula: amount of credit converted to USD at the time of initial transfer / 5 USD.Source: “Another 100% on top of your deposit!”
The offer will terminate if the client:
_Completes trading operations which constitute the equivalent amount of lots of the total of the bonus credit. Bonus funds are transferred to the trading account balance in full after the Conditions of the trading volume are fulfilled.
_In any way withdraws funds (including internal account-to-account transfers) from the trading account used in the offer after the minimum 100 USD (or equivalent in EUR / GLD at the time of transfer) required deposit has been placed on the account. If this happens, the balance on the client’s account will receive a part of the bonus credit which corresponds to the volume of trading operations made up until that moment. The remaining credit funds will be wiped.Source: “Another 100% on top of your deposit!”

More Info –
1.Alpari Limited (hereinafter, “Company”) is responsible for the organization of the offer.
2.Only trades which are open for at least 3 minutes and are closed before the end of the 30 day offer period count towards the client’s trading volume.
3.During the offer, an account with a negative balance is not compensated, and credit is not wiped before the 30 days have passed or until the trading volume conditions are met.Source: “Another 100% on top of your deposit!”
4.In order to prevent fraudulent transactions with the credit, or if such activities are discovered, the Company reserves the right to cancel the entire credit from the client account without prior notice or explanation.Source: “Another 100% on top of your deposit!”
5.The Company reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions at any time and without providing prior notification.



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