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7% Account Interest Bonus – IFC Markets


Link – 7% Account Interest Bonus

Earn up to 7% annual interest on your free margin

  • The interest is calculated for the sum not used for trading operations, i.e. for the free margin, calculated as Equity (current balance taking into account the ongoing profit/loss of open positions) minus Used margin
  • The interest size is defined individually based on the table of interest rates depending on a trading volume of the account per the calculated month
  • The interest is calculated daily: the calculation and accumulation of the daily sum of the annual interest takes place as of the account condition at 00:00 CET
  • Upon the end of the calendar month the accumulated monthly interest sum is credited to the trading account
  • The interest is not credited to the Islamic accounts (Swap-free)

Interest Rates

Trading volume in conditional lots Annual interest rate
Below 10 0%
from 10 to 30 1%
from 30 to 50 2%
from 50 to 70 4%
Above 70 7%
  1. Round turnover is indicated in the table, i.e. only closed positions are taken into consideration
  2. When calculating the trading volume deals, closed with 0 profit/loss, operations of “Unlocked Position” and “Reopen position” types are not taken into account (only for NetTradeX accounts)
  3. Detailed calculation of the size of conditional lots
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