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$50 Credit Bonus – FX Beyond


No identity verification required! During the campaign period. When you open a new account, you will receive a $50 credit bonus.

Bonus Link – FX Beyond $50 Credit Bonus 

Available to : Only New Clients .

Ending Date : Until December 31, 2021.

How To Get :
1. Open a new standard account with FX Beyond.
2. Pass the verification.
3. Automatically to the registered MT4 account $50 credit.

Withdraw : Bonuses will be given even if you do not show your identity verification documents, but you will need to show your identity verification documents to withdraw. The granted bonus cannot be withdrawn.

Terms and Conditions

The number of lots traded by the bonus will not be reflected in the IB reward. IB compensation is calculated by the ratio with the normal margin.

If you transfer funds between accounts, bonus credits will be transferred according to the ratio of the transferred margin amount. (Margin $10,000 Bonus credit $10,000, if you trade 1 lot, the bonus credit is 50% of the total margin, so half 0.5 lot will be reflected as IB reward.)

(If you have a margin of $10,000 and a bonus credit of $200, if you move a margin of $5,000, half of the credit of $100 will be transferred.)

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