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+40% for the first deposit guaranteed, +45% for the second deposit but only if amount of second deposit is more than 500$ and +50% for the third deposit but only if second deposit is more than 500$ and the third one is more than 1000$

Bonus Link – Al-Awal 40% Sign Up Bonus  

Available to : New Clients .

End Date : Until December 31, 2022.

How To Get :
1. Open a live account with Al-Awal .
2. Pass the verification.
3. Make the minimum required deposit .
4. Request the bonus.

Withdrawal : Yes, only profits made with the bonus can be withdrawn.

Terms and Conditions

Client can claim for the Welcome bonus program once, per account.

The Welcome+ bonus will have been completed by the moment of full using of credited bonuses. It will be completed also if amount of second/third deposit is not enough to be eligible to get second/third bonus.

pon withdrawal, a proportion of the bonus funds will be cancelled. The proportion is calculated based on the following:

  • C = (X/Y) * (the amount of the 40% bonus on the deposit)
  • Where:
  • C = cancelled amount
  • X = the amount that is requested for withdrawal
  • Y = the current available balance in the account after the Welcome+ bonus and other types of bonuses, if available, have been deducted.
  • For example, you claimed the Welcome+ Bonus and made first deposit of $100 to activate it. The bonus will be 40% of $100 = $40. In total you have 140$ on your account. Let’s say you make some trades and get to $200 and you want to make a withdrawal of $50. Let’s use the formula to see how much money will be cancelled from your account:
  • X = $50
  • Y= 200 – 40 = $160=> C = (50/160)*40 = 12.5
  • So $12.50 will be cancelled from your account after you make your withdrawal.

By applying for the Welcome+ Bonus you acknowledge you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Disclaimer: The promotion is published here only for an informative purpose.

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