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30% Bonus With Every Deposit – ForexTime


The 30% Bonus Promotion (hereinafter the “Promotion”), is offered at the discretion of FXTM1 to any amount of the First deposit made and to a minimum of $500 USD for each of any further deposits, by new and approved Clients of FXTM.

Bonus Link – 30% Bonus With Every Deposit  

Available to : Clients from Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia.

End Date : Until April 30, 2018 .

How To Get :
1. Register a New Account,
2. Pass the verification.
3. Make the minimum required deposit .
4. Request the bonus.

Withdraw : Yes, after a deposit is made and trading conditions have been met.

The Client has traded the Minimum Number of Lots (calculated in accordance to the following formula), within 30 days as of the day the Bonus is credited and the Client has not submitted a withdrawal request for the Deposit.

Minimum Number of Lots = Bonus Amount * 2 / 10

Example: A Client of FXTM deposited $1,000 within the Bonus Period, after accepting these Terms and Conditions. FXTM thus will credit the Client’s account with $300 (calculated as follows 30% * 1000).

The Client has the right to trade with his $300 but may withdraw only if he has traded 60 lots (Minimum Number of Lots = 300 * 2/10 = 60). If the Client trades 60 Lots within 30 days from the Bonus being credited, he will be able to withdraw all available funds.

Terms and Conditions

The Bonus will be credited to the Client’s FXTM trading account within twenty-four (24) working hours after the relevant deposit has been received.

Transfers between FXTM trading accounts are not considered as deposits for the purposes of this Promotion.

The Bonus is non-transferable between FXTM trading accounts and can be withdrawn by the client only upon successful completion of the Minimum Lots, within 30 days from the day the Bonus is credited.

The Bonus cannot be withdrawn before the Promotion Trading Terms have been satisfied or the promotion expires and may be used for trading purposes only. The Bonus shall be removed if the terms and conditions of this Promotion are not met.

The Bonus is applicable to forex, precious metals and commodity futures only and applicable to MT4 Standard, MT4 ECN, MT5 ECN, CENT, and ECN ZERO Accounts. Any changes shall be at the discretion of FTXM.



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