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UP to 25% Bonus For Each Deposit – FXOptimax


Bonus Link :  UP to 25% bonus for each deposit
Available to : Only New Clients.

End Date : December 31, 2018 .

Bonus : FXOptimax offers up to 25% bonus for each deposit to MT4.

How to Get:
1. Please login to MyFXOptimax OR Open an Account .
2. Pass the verification.
3. Make a minimum deposit of $100 USD
4. Select Account->Claim Your Bonus.
5. Please choose the MT4 number and the bonus you want to request, our team will review and process your claim.

Client is entitled to 25% bonus in 1 MT4 at the same time, based on the amount of recent deposit:

Bonus Amount
Minimum Deposit
Required Volume
Promotion Code
$25 $100 25 lots USD25DP
$50 $200 50 lots USD50DP
$100 $400 100 lots USD100DP
$200 $800 200 lots USD200DP
$300 $1200 300 lots USD300DP
$400 $1600 400 lots USD400DP
$500 $2000 500 lots USD500DP
$750 $3000 750 lots USD750DP
$1000 $4000 1000 lots USD1000DP

Withdraw : Client may withdraw all the balance any time. Bonus will be canceled if the equity after withdrawal is less than five times of the bonus.

More Info –
1. Bonus will be canceled after 90 days unless it has been transferred to the account balance.
2. Client may request to cancel the bonus anytime.
3. FXOptimax reserves the right to reject bonus request or cancel any credited bonus in a certain condition, without explaining the reason.
4. The total trading volume is calculated since the bonus is credited.
5. Request will be processed once all orders have been closed.
6. The minimum free margin while requesting must be greater than the bonus.
7. Deposit recycling (redepositing the fund that has been withdrawn before) is not allowed.
8. Account must be verified.
9. Available for 4 digits and 5 digits Precision Pricing accounts.

Please follow this link for more details about the rules : Terms and Conditions

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