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200% Deposit Bonus- FortFS


Deposit Bonus 200% is available for all FortFS clients!Use the advantage to engage for the unique offer within a limited period: activate the deposit bonus and get up to 200% on the deposit amount on your trading account!

Bonus Link – Deposit Bonus 200%

Available to : All FortFS clients!

End Date : May 11th, 2020.

How To Get :
1. Log in your personal cabinet.
2. Choose the preferable payment method.
3. Click on “Deposit Bonus (10%-200%)” option and choose 200%,
4. Deposit your trading account and get the increased deposit!

Withdraw : Yes, after a deposit is made and trading conditions have been met.

Terms and Conditions

Obtaining of 200% and 150% Deposit Bonuses is only possible during the duration of the promotion

To get the bonus it is required:
1. To select the bonus amount in the deposit form. Choose from 200% and 150%.
2. To top up your trading account with an amount of more than 200 USD (for 200% bonus) or for an amount of more than 150 USD (for 150% bonus).

The maximum allowable leverage for trading using 200% and 150% deposit bonuses is limited to 1:100

Withdrawal of deposit bonus from a trading account is possible upon reaching a trading turnover equal to the bonus amount in USD

In case of any fraudulent activities detection (such as: receiving the bonus by one client on several profiles; trading from several profiles by one client; lots generating without any trading purpose; multidirectional trades; heavy loading of balance/deposit leading to additional risks and any other violation of the Client agreement and Rules of proceedings for bonuses and promotions; etc.), the Company reserves the right to cancel the bonus and all the bonus funds, including bonus profit, without notice.

In case of detection of any connection between two or more profiles (IP addresses, devices, etc.), anonymity tools usage (decentralized/hybrid networks, Tor, proxy servers, VPN-networks, specialized software, etc.), the Company reserves the right to cancel the bonus, including bonus profit, without notice.



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