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200% Tradeable Bonus -Capital Street Fx


Bonus Link – 200% Tradeable Bonus

Our new and existing clients can avail a best deposit bonus offer of 200% Tradable Bonus on a deposit of $200. The bonus will boost your account and hence you will get more leverage. Invest $200 and start your trade with $600. You can also opt for trade insurance. Deposit now and start trading.

Available to : New Clients .

End Date : Until 31 December 2019 .

Bonus : 200% Tradeable Bonus from Capital Street Fx .

How To Get :
1. Register a New Account .
2. Pass the verification.
3. Make a deposit of no less than $200 & request the Bonus .

Withdraw :

  • The Bonus is for trading purposes only and cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances. Only profits, any rebates earned and the Client’s deposits into the account may be withdrawn.
  • Any withdrawal made from the Client’s account will result in the Bonus received by the Client being removed from the account in full. This applies to withdrawal of profits, rebates and/or deposits made by the Client.

For Example: If a Client deposits 1000 USD into their approved bonus account he/ she will receive a fully tradeable bonus of 2000 USD. If the Client then withdraws 500 USD, the full amount of $2000 will be removed from the Bonus received by the Client.

  • The unrestricted withdrawal of all profits and deposits made in the account is possible once the total volume requirement for the bonus has been completed. The volume requirement is determined using the below formula
  • Total amount of bonus received / 10 = total number of standard lots required

For example a client makes a deposit of $1000 in their account and receives a bonus of $2000. The total volume requirement shall be as follows

  • 2000(bonus amount) / 10 = 200.00 standard lots
  • This volume requirement has to be satisfied for the client to be able to withdraw the full equity in their account(including deposits and profits BUT EXCLUDING the bonus amount). Till the volume requirement is completed, the client may withdraw profits as mentioned in point.

More Info –
1. The Bonus can be applied to non-ECN accounts only..
2. The cumulative maximum bonus amount that can be earned by a Client is USD 10000/ EUR 9000..
3. Please ask their support for more information

Please follow this link for more details about the rules : Terms and Conditions

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