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13th Birthday Giveaway – Forex4you


Forex4you is celebrating 13 years of amazing success, and for our special birthday promotion, we’re offering over $6 000 in prizes to eligible traders! Start trading today and join in our celebrations!

Join Link – 13th Birthday Giveaway

Available to : New and Existing Clients.

Country: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh.

End Date : This Offer is Expired Now.

How to Participate : It’s easy! Simply deposit, trade and meet the promotion criteria during the promotion period to qualify.

In order to qualify for a participation in the Promotion, the clients must satisfy the following conditions during the Promotion period stated above:

Tier 1: Minimum deposit of USD $500 and minimum traded volume of 50 lots .
Tier 2: Minimum deposit of USD $1 500 and minimum traded volume of 100 lots .
Tier 3: Minimum deposit of USD $3 000 and minimum traded volume of 250 lots.
Birthday bonus: The extra prize for the top 3 traders. The prize will be awarded by Forex4you based on the highest total deposit followed by the highest total of lots.

There are only thirty-three (33) winners for the Promotion, and the prizes are awarded according to the following table :

Category Deposited amount, USD Required lots Reward / No. of Winners
Tier 1 $500 and above 50 $100 x 15 winners
Tier 2 $1500 and above 100 $200 x 10 winners
Tier 3 $3 000 and above 250 $500 x 5 winners

Birthday Bonus – The extra prize for the top 3 traders – $200 x 3 winners

Winners who are entitled to a prize will be notified by phone or email of their eligibility to

Receive the prize on 16th September 2020 (or another date as Forex4you may in its discretion decide).

If the selected winner fails to reply within three (3) working days by email on the original communication, a new winner will be selected, and the prize will be forfeited.

The entitlement to the prize is not replaceable or refundable or transferable or exchangeable for gifts, cash or benefits in-kind.

If Forex4you subsequently discovers or determines in its absolute discretion that a participant is not entitled to or is disqualified to participate in the Promotion or is unable to adhere to any terms and conditions in relation to the Promotion, Forex4you shall, at its sole discretion, decide on the following:

Withhold the prize; and/or Re-claim the prize from the participant and select another qualified winner.

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